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Wind-Rated Garage Doors Protect Your Biggest Investment

Wind-rated garage doors or hurricane-rated garage doors are a must-have in South Florida.

Garage doors are particularly vulnerable to a breach during a hurricane because they are so big. High winds that push against the door have a very large surface large area against which to exert force. With enough force, an unreinforced or non-wind rated garage door will easily buckle.

This is an especially serious concern for anyone who has an attached garage because the force of hurricane strength winds can create unsustainable pressure inside the home and literally blow the roof and walls off of the home out. A wind-rated garage door can mean the difference between repairing your home or condemning it.

Building Codes Require Wind-Rated Garage Doors

Fortunately, Florida has adopted stricter building codes to help protect against this type of hurricane damage, requiring new or replacement garage doors to be reinforced to withstand certain wind loads. Don’t worry, reinforcement doesn’t mean your new garage door will have an ugly industrial look. In fact, reinforcement isn’t even visible from the outside; the garage doors look just as attractive and have many of the same features, like impact-resistant windows, as any other garage door.

Built-in Reinforcement Provides Protection Against Wind, Rain, and Debris

Wind-rated garage doors have built-in reinforcement features like strong bracing, heavy-gauge tracks, and tough springs and hardware. This is different from post reinforcement which requires you to literally install posts in your garage floor and ceiling behind the door prior to a hurricane and then remove the posts once the storm abates. Built-in reinforcement does not require any pre-storm set-up; the doors are made to withstand certain wind loads.

Built-in reinforcement helps the doors resist damaging winds and stay in place. But it’s not just the wind breaking the door that you have to worry about, it’s the debris that is carried by the wind too. A flying lawn chair or tree can both damage the door panel and cause a breach of a non-reinforced door. A wind-rated door, on the other hand, is better able to resist damage from debris as well as wind.

We can’t forget to mention rainwater and flooding. Once a garage door has been breached, it’s a wide open invitation for rainwater to get in and flooding to occur. That’s just another reason why wind-rated garage doors are so important; they keep the water out! Just think of the damage even an inch of water can do in your home.

Shop Wind Rated Garage Doors At Florida Sliding Glass and Garage Door Repair

Learn more about wind-rated garage doors by calling Florida Sliding Glass and Garage Door Repair. All of the garage doors we install are wind-rated to be completely compliant with 2015 Florida Building Code laws of South Florida.

You will find garage doors in all styles and colors to complement your home’s exterior while keeping its interior safe.

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